Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice "shot"

Nice "shot" #1: Uh-oh! Zoe figured out how to get her diaper off!

Nice "shot" #2: At dance last Wednesday, we had pictures taken. They take posed pictures in costume, individual and group, so they don't have all the chaos on the day of the recital. Ava was trilled to finally wear her costume and enjoyed putting it to the test while we waited for the other classes having their pictures taken. Then, when it came time to get her pictures taken...MELTDOWN!!! Not a few tears, we're talking under the table (both of us) bawling about not wanting to go in to get her picture taken. I didn't know where it was coming from. She's never reacted this extremely about posing for pictures. Finally, one girl's grandma bribed her with a sucker to get her picture taken. I've been trying to get away from the whole bribery for pictures deal, but she did oblige. By the time they did her group photo, she was laughing and saying "pickle face" like nothing had ever happened! When we got out to the car, I asked her why she was so scared to get her picture taken. "That lady said she was gonna do a shot." I had to explain to her that when someone with a camera says "shot" it means "take a picture." I would have been scared too, if I thought this whole getting-to-wear-my-beloved-dance-costume was a ploy to give me a "shot" too. Sorry, no photos of the costume yet, Ava wants it to be a surprise. She really is adamant about it. She was rather upset that Auntie Heather already saw it, but I reassured her that I'm positive that Heather already forgot about it...right Heather? ;) She likes surprises. Every morning at daycare, she tells Kelly, "Don't look at my shirt! Don't look yet!" while she takes her coat off. Yeah, Kelly knows the drill...No eye contact with Ava until she gets up the stairs, and Ava announces the unveiling of her magnificent outfit!

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