Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stickers, Paint, and Flowers

When we went to Home Depot to pick up some paint for the garage, the lady at the paint counter gave the girls each a sticker. Zoe put hers on her shirt and then proceeded to tear little pieces of it off (the adhesive was pretty strong). Ava put hers on her tummy. She claims it was an accident and she was pretty upset when she did it because, like I said, the adhesive was pretty strong. She was so worried that it would hurt when it came of and she made me promise not to touch it. Once I convinced her that it would not hurt her tummy to take a bath, we doused it in baby oil. that loosened it up and then she peeled as I poured more baby oil. Off like magic!

We spent all day Sunday scraping and painting the garage so we can finally close on refinancing our mortgage. Our garage is pretty shabby, so when I found out we had to do that, I thought we'd be better off with demo and a new garage! But, with time against us, we did scrape and paint it and surprisingly it does actually look pretty nice. I wouldn't go so far as to say it looks "new" but it definitely looks clean (on the outside...the inside...that's another story and has been added to the to-do list!). Ava wanted to get in on the action and help paint too; she is so ambitious! A BIG THANK YOU to Mom, Dad, Justin, Grampa Joe, Grama Jan, Sue, Erica, Joe, and Randy! There is no way I could have got it done without you!

Van Goh started somewhere, right?

On Tuesday, I was bringing the garbage and recycleables down to the curb (BTW, I miss you babe!--wink, wink ;) while the girls were "just checking" the tulips in the front yard. Ava decided they looked prime for picking and decided to surprise me by picking them all. The stems are a wee-bit short, but beautiful nonetheless.
Oh, and the extra hair clips she's wearing are her doings. She likes to put them in by herself now and the placement is always very "unique" :) Just like her one pink and one blue flip-flop that she wears everywhere. Some of my co-workers commented that they liked her different shoes and I said that it was her own style, so now whenever someone comments on them (which is every day, everywhere we go) she just says, "That's my own style."

my little "bud"


  1. That looks like some pretty flowers that Ava and Zoe picked for you,youre a lucky woman! Ask Ava if shes gonna save a flower for me when i get home!We'll I sure miss everyone, Soon i'll be coming home!!!Look forward too seeing my beuitiful wife and my gems of daughters! LOVE U!!!!

  2. Ava did want to save them for you. I asked her if I could bring them to work to put on our work table and she said, "No, I want them to be here when Daddy comes home so he can see them too." I told her they probably won't live that long, so that's why we took a picture to show you. :)