Friday, April 17, 2009

Can you say "candy"?

Last Saturday, we went to Grama Carla's for brunch and to dye eggs. Ava and Zoe had fun with their "practice" egg hunt. On Sunday morning, the girls were excited to see that our basket of eggs had been filled and hidden around the living room. Zoe caught on quickly! She has added a new word to her vocabulary..."Candy!"(Another cute one, totally unrelated, but cute: "kiwi"...she says it when burps and toots!)

Skittles...the breakfast of champions!

Ava is learning to trace her name.

After we played with the new goodies and ate candy for breakfast, we went over to Grama Jan and Grampa Joe's for brunch. Then we went over to Sue and Gary's for Easter with the Thells. Ava of course, did not nap. She never has been able to nap well at other people's houses, especially with a lot of commotion. With her getting older, I was so hopeful, just wanting to believe that she could make it one day without a nap so we wouldn't have to leave after just an hour. She was fine over there, but let me tell you, I paid for it when we got home. We had the tantrum of all tantrums roaring full-blast at our house. This used to be a very common occurrance (remember her hoarse voice?). I have not seen this child in over a year! It was so extreme that I even called my mom and dad to see if they were still in town to help out. They weren't. An hour later, we finally calmed somewhat. Jamie called me right after I finally got her to sleep. I felt much better talking to someone who knows what it is like to deal with. I also told him and I am stating here for the record that I will NOT be attending any gatherings (family, friends, or otherwise) that take place between the hours of 1-4pm. Jamie agrees. I'm sorry. Please don't take offense if I don't come or if I leave after an hour. Ava just is not a child who can go without a nap and I decided that I am going to be mom first and and take care of my girl. She NEEDS it. (And so do I!)

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