Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have 2 blankets?!?!

When we got home from Sioux Falls, I was changing Zoe's diaper on Ava's bed and she was holding her blanket (sucking her thumb, of course) and as she glanced over, she discovered saw that her blanket was also in her crib. I could see the little wheels turning. She took her thumb out of her mouth and looked at the blanket that she was holding. She looked again at the blanket in her crib. Blanket in her hand. Blanket in her crib. Hmmm. I handed her the blanket that was in her crib and she kicked her legs as fast as she could and gleamed with excitement! For those of you who don't know...Zoe LOVES her blanket. Ava was never quite attached to her blanket as Zoe is. Zoe NEEDS her blanket just like Ava NEEDED her Nuk. With both girls, I bought 2 identical blankets from the get go, so when one was in the wash, the other was ready to be snuggled. I didn't realize how smart this plan was until Zoe got sick all over her blanket and it was out of order, and let me tell you, when she's sick she really NEEDS her "Beh-dee" (she recently started saying blanket, and that's how she says it).

Aaahhh...the world is good.

Look Ma...I got 2!

I am lovin' this!

In Ava's dance class, they recently started using their tap shoes. She usually wears them around the house daily and since she's started tapping in dance class, they've stayed in her backpack, so it's been a little quieter around the house. She has her recital on May 31, so they are practicing their dance routine. Below is a video of the routine. They normally do not hold hands, but this was at the very end of the 45-minute class, so for 2-3 year-olds, any participation at this point is welcomed. They are usually great for about the first 30-35 minutes and then they get a little silly or slack. :)

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