Thursday, April 9, 2009

I can do a trick...

Zoe learned a new trick. She discovered that her finger is just the right size to fit inside her nostril. She likes to put her finger in and just leave it there. She doesn't pick her nose, her pointer just likes to "hang out" there.

Ava has had this trick for quite a while. I think she discovered she could make this funny laugh sound sometime last fall. She was going to show Grama Donna and Grampa Jeff when we visited a couple weeks ago, but wanted to "wait until later." Then, we forgot. She was sad when we got home and she realized she didn't get to show them, so we made a video. No one else can do it...just Ava.

Ava added "camera" to her birthday list. Yes, I realize her birthday is not until August, but "adding it to the list" is the only way to get her to stop the "I wants" (Sorry Jer, the Barbie camera only lasted for that one roll of film...the door got bent backward and now light shines in to the film now serves the roll of "pretend camera"...but the pictures she took did surprisingly turn out well! And she enjoys "pretending" to take pictures)

Here is a nice picture she took of Zoe and me (with my camera). :)

Here is a "not-so-nice" picture she took of Zoe and me.
Yes this really did hurt that bad! :(
She really captures the "true emotion" doesn't she?

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  1. I like the picture that ava took of you and zoe. Shes a natural just like her mother. Zoe's a funny little girl,allways impressing me with her develoment! Its hard being out here not seeing them grow. It seems everytime i see a new video or picture they seem to grow! Well im on lunch break,better be gettin back to work. Love Daddy