Friday, April 17, 2009

Now THIS is Minnesota Nice

These days of temperatures in the 60s, 70s and even 80s are AWESOME!!! Gotta love the weather! We are taking full advantage of it! Welcome Spring! This is the true meaning of "Minnesota Nice" Jamie is in a Montana-not-so-nice BLIZZARD!!! Yes, 8+ inches of snow!!!

Zoe, the girl who fought putting her coat on every time all winter long, now brings me her coat saying, "coat, coat, coat" with her arm ready to slide in. Brings me her shoes, "dues, dues, dues" and doesn't ever want to come in the house...not even for a bath (which she loves)!

We have been going for walks after dinner. We are visiting the park again. We are playing on the swing set. We cleaned off the deck and patio table. We eat dinner outside. We blow bubbles and catch them. We draw on the cement with chalk. We get an up-close look at ants crawling out of their anthills (Zoe in particular--crouches right down with her face just about in the dirt!). We are wearing sandals and capris. We play ring-around-the-rosie barefoot in the grass. We love the sun and the warm days. Keep 'em comin'!

Ava loves to climb trees...Look Daddy, she can do it all by herself!

Zoe tried too. I think she might need to re-think her selection...

We bought a lilac bush on Earth Day and planted it in the backyard wanna-be-garden. Ava really put some muscle into helping dig the hole. She was most interested in the worms that we found in the dirt. Zoe didn't care so much and was more interested in swinging.

Zoe remembered her swing, and took off! "Eeee!" (Whee!)
By the time we finally got it planted, she was so tired out,
I couldn't even squeeze a smile out of her for the picture. :(

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