Sunday, May 17, 2009

The walk

We finally got out again for our usual walking route. First we walk from our house to Caribou (gotta get a cooler!), then we head over to the library or Lake George, and then back home. On the way to Caribou, we saw lots of dandelions and Ava was so excited to see "the white ones." Both girls tried blowing the fluff and thought it was SO COOL!

(They like to hold cute!)

As we were walking, Ava commented that she wishes our stroller had room for Ava, Zoe and Mommy. "You do?" I questioned, "If I were riding with you, who would push us?" Her reply: "Ummm, maybe Grampa?" What do you think dad? Do you want to push a stroller with your two granddaughters and your adult daughter all around town? LOL! :)

Today we were going to stop at Grama Sally and Grampa Jerry's before the park, but they were heading out for lunch, so we just went right to Lake George and walked around the lake before heading over to the park. We saw several baby ducklings, a huge orange coy fish swimming, and what mom thought was another orange coy close up by the shore, but when we got close, realized it was a traffic cone. Oops!

Zoe is pointing to the duckies

Ava likes to Rock out with The Plain White Tees (a band),
here's her rendition of 1,2,3,4 I love you

After walking around the lake, we headed over to the park and sat down for our picnic lunch


Then it was time to PLAY!!!

Zoe wonders where the water is at the splash pad.
It was all dry, not open for the season yet...

Or so we thought! The water did indeed come on and everyone at the park was surprised!

Align Center

We love to swing!

Zoe even tried out the tire swing. I didn't know if she'd hold on the whole time, but she did and she loved it!

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