Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's a princess life

With two girls in the house, we often times live as though we are princesses (or so we think). We have tea parties, we play dress-up, and Ava begs countlessly to "Come kiss me when I close my eyes on the bench" so she can pretend to be Sleeping Beauty and when she awakens, it is always the same, Mommy or Daddy asks her "Princess, will you marry me?" Ava always says yes, and then we dance around the living room happily ever after! Ava's favorite princess changes daily, but most often it is Ariel (the little mermaid). Her favorite song from the movie is Part of your World and you can see her singing it below...yes, in her mermaid costume.


She also wanted to share the video from when she was "reading" Sleeping Beauty. Can you tell we've read it a few times? I think it is so funny when she gets into character and uses her voice to emphasize the emotion...yeah, just like Mommy and Daddy. (Daddy has the best sound effects, and according to Grama Carla, he always has.) I also think it's funny when she uses the words right from the text like "bestow"...who ever says that? This clip is from February, but she thought we should put it up so she could read to her Gramas and Grampas.

Long ago there was a newborn baby. Them named her Aurora. Them named her after the dommed (the dawn). I'm gonna go to the next page. The three good fairies, Flora, Merryweather, Fauna, Merryweather. Them could give a single gift to 'stow (bestow) on the child. Merryweather started to give her gift, but a flash of thunder filled the great hall…It's Maleficent! "On her sixteen birthday, she shall prick her finger spinning spinning wheel and die!" Cry rose from every heart. And Merryweather waved her magic wand. The three good fairies thinked of a better plan. Them keeped her in a cottage for a long week. And a king mistefan (King Stefan) missed a daughter and he came up really set (became really upset). She wept. You can't meet your father so glum. That means she's sad. Then a sad voice callin' to a sad princess. Aurora. Aurora. Aurora. Aurora. Aurora. Aurora. Aurora. The three good fairies find Maleficent! "Touch it I say! Touch it I say!" Sleeping Beauty put back her long arm and touched it. Then the three good fairies found Maleficent. "Oh, you simple fools! Think you can feed (fool) me?! Mistress of all! Here's your precious princess." It was too late. The princess was dead. She was really in a deep sleep. Then, Ah…Maleficent found Prince Philip getting his true love. And Maleficent maked her into a fiery dragon. Then Prince Philip killed the dragon even though it was Maleficent. Then them lived…Then Prince Philip kissed Aurora. She opened her eyes and smiled. Then them lived happily ever…Then the whole castle was awake. Then them lived happily ever after. Then them lived happily ever after…Can I see the movie?!

Zoe is getting in on the princess action too. When we were trying to nap yesterday, she was crawling all over the bed and found a magic wand. She just laid there with it touching it and playing with the little ribbons so I figured, hey she's lying still and not wiggling anymore, maybe she'll finally relax enough to sleep. Then she starts cooing, "boooo" "booooo" "boo" "" (bippity, boppity boo). It's the life of a pick up those magic words pretty early.

Now I remember why we do not get the paper.

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