Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ava has been working really hard this month to get dressed in the morning (without whining and complaining and stopping to do 20 other things in the process of getting dressed). The last 2 mornings she surprised me by getting completely dressed before she even stepped foot out of her room! Getting dressed is often a 20-minute ordeal in the morning. We now have a tray on her dresser and every night after bath we choose an outfit and hair accessory and place it on her tray along with her toothbrush & paste. And there is no switching outfits in the morning! We call it her get-up-and-go tray. So far, so good! I hope our mornings keep going this smooth!

(I didn't get to her hair yet...was too excited!)


Zoe found the pink cowgirl boots and won't take them off! She is also being a little daredevil and standing up on things she's not supposed to stand on.

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  1. I like the pink boots!!
    I think its great that Ava can dress herself in the morning without whinning!! Great Job!!! Daddy