Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Last weekend the girls and I went up to Wilderness Park to go camping with Grama Joleen and Grampa John. We slept in a tent in sleeping bags and at one point in the night it was sleeping BAG, we were all in my sleeping bag! We had fun swimming, three-wheeling, sitting by the burn-fire (Ava's term for bonfire), walking, and going to the pig races.

Zoe snuck a morning snooze in Mommy's favorite place. I love holding a sleeping baby and Zoe doesn't usually settle in enough to do this, so it was a nice treat for both of us!

Zoe wasn't too interested in swimming without Mommy, and Mommy didn't want to freeze her butt off, so Zoe mostly just hung out on the side of the pool with us.

This would be Ava's version of hanging out on the side of the pool. Ava never left the pool. I swear if she hadn't shown me her feet, I'd have thought she really was a mermaid.

Ava got a good view of the pig races in Leader. At the bar in town, they have pig races every weekend. They have a track around the outside that little piglets (with numbers on their backs) run through and they race around it to see who wins. I think they draw names and those people get to pick a pig or something? Not sure exactly what the drill is, but it was fun to watch. In between the pig races they have fun games for the kids (and adults) like racing on bouncers, hula hoop contest, or Ava's favorite: the dollar dive! The audience threw dollar bills out to be burried in the saw dust and then the kids get to dig for them. She came out with $2!

On Sunday afternoon we went to the splash pad at Lake George for some more wet fun in the sun. We packed a picnic dinner and played in the water. Ava is actually interested in getting her hair and face wet this year, which was quite the surprise because she still resists getting her face wet in the bathtub. Zoe wasn't quite sure what to think; she mostly just followed Ava around. At one point she was crouched down getting an up-close look at some sprayers on the ground that weren't on at the time. I was just waiting (camera in hand) for it to go off and surprise her, but they didn't...I'm evil, aren't I?

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