Thursday, March 12, 2009

You know I love a spa day

This morning we hung out at the mall. I grabbed a coffee, we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then met Kelly and Addie (from daycare) at the mall play area. Both girls were very excited to see them (it had been a whole week!). After we left, Ava said, "Wasn't that sure nice to see Kelly again?" Imagine how excited she'll be to see Daddy again. :) After picking up a few things at Target, we went down to the pet store to look at all of the animals. Zoe was particularly excited to see the kitties and the fish (ts! ts! ts!). Ava has been yearning to pet a snake, talking about it often, so I asked at the pet store if they let kids do that. Unfortunately, they don't unless you're serious about buying one. Umm, yeah, I don't think I could fake that interest. I am not afraid of snakes, but I certainly don't love them. I am trying my best to fake an interest though so Ava continues her interest in them (one of those motherly duties). I've already terrified her and instilled quite the fear of bugs and mice in her, all thanks to the huge cicadas landing in my hair and on my arms in Chicago two summers ago and the surprise critter in our laundry room sink (in the same week). She now says, "I like bugs" and "I like mice" and "Bats are nice, Mommy." This is all thanks to Daddy, trying to fix the mess I started. :) He is already telling Zoe the same things so I don't freak her out too. Yes, a Daddy's job is never done!

Yesterday while Zoe took her morning nap, Ava and I had a "spa day." We usually do this quite frequently, but hadn't for quite a while, so Ava was very excited and said, "You know I love a spa day mom!" We just soak our feet in a dishpan filled with warm bubbly water, scrub them up, and follow with lotion and often times nail polish. FYI: the dishpan is used exclusively for this purpose--you needn't be afraid to eat off of our dishes!

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