Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break Fun

I'm on spring break this week from work (gotta love working in the schools!), so I get to be home all week! With the snowfall today, it was the perfect day for a movie marathon. Watching movies is one of Ava's passions (as well as dancing, talking about princesses, and wearing every pair of shoes she owns every day). Not a day goes by that she does not ask, "Can we watch a movie?" Obviously she does not get to watch a movie every day, but she was thrilled when I told her that we could watch movies all day long today. And yes, three of the four movies were princess movies! We also baked brownies, made homemade pizza, and read about a dozen books that we checked out from the library.

On Monday, we finger painted and colored in the morning. Ava is proud to squeeze her own paint by herself now and Zoe was excited to get her hands in the paint. I was surprised that she didn't attempt to eat the paint! Zoe also colored with markers for the first time (aside from the time she got into the markers not too long ago that someone left on the floor and bit the tip off of the brown one). Every time she sees the box of markers now she says "cuhlah-cuhlah-cuhlah-cuhlah" and bounces around with excitement at the prospect of getting to color again. Maybe we found one of her passions (along with dancing and wearing purses and any clothing item that fits on her arm like a purse including her sister's princess underwear). In the evening, Heather came over to watch Zoe while Ava and I went to the library to watch Finding Nemo on the big screen.

Watch this video :)

On Sunday we played Barbies and Princesses with our new Barbie treehouse that Daddy helped make before he left for Montana. Zoe had so much fun that she just passed out on the floor for a nap (this never happens!)

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