Thursday, March 26, 2009

Burnt Pizza

Okay originally, I thought only Jessica would truly appreciate this story, but maybe it's proof of how fried one's brain can get when trying to do it all, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. The girls went to my mom and dad's last weekend so I could write my research paper for a class I'm taking. I was trying to work on my paper when a I saw a salesman go up to the neighbors house, then a couple minutes later there was a knock on my door. I didn't answer it because I didn't want to waste my time and no one we know ever goes to the front door. I thought a pizza sounded good for lunch so I made one. It needed just a one more minute so I set the timer (Jessica knows that I will forget after one minute and burn my pizza). I checked it. Nope. One more minute. Uuurrgghh! I didn't set the timer the second time and burned the pizza. So I made another one. Same thing! Who burns two pizzas in a row?!?! Not just a little burnt, totally inedible. I gave up. I ordered Gary's.

I started working on my paper again when someone knocked on the front door again. I'm like..."Give it up buddy I don't want whatever you're selling!" So I ignore the knock. He knocks again, so I decided fine, I will tell you face to face to go away so you'll leave me alone. Do you know who it was? The pizza man. Yes, I think I need to see my husband. We are headed to Sioux Falls shortly. The girls and I are driving and Jamie will be flying in there so we will see him before the day is over! Ava is very excited; it has been on her calendar all month and yesterday she told everyone "One more day...then I get to see my Daddy!" Every time Zoe sees a picture of Daddy, she says "dada, dada, dada, dada!"

Last night we called Uncle Justin to wish him a happy birthday and then we went to Space Aliens to have dinner and celebrate Chris and Heather's birthdays. There was a load of tickets and I was cringing at the thought of bringing home the junky toys that would ensue from the tickets. Heather brought some over to her house, but the princess dress-up set did make its way to our house. I keep trying to get the cheap plastic toys out and they keep making there way back in! One thing in the kit was broken upon opening it and I explained to Ava that that's what happens with cheap toys. Ten minutes later, four more pieces had fallen off or broken and I told Ava that we have to be very careful so Zoe doesn't get any of those parts because she still puts things in her mouth. Ava, still thrilled with her princess dress-up set said, "I so thankful for that I got all this cheap stuff!" What could I do...I laughed :)


  1. Its funn]y you mention that cause usually you are a great cook...gotta ago not talk Daddy

  2. Yay! Daddy can blog now! Jamie called after typing in a long message and it wouldn't let him post, so he had to open a gmail account to finally post and then his original post was deleted! I changed the settings so anyone can post now. I'm still trying to figure this blogging out too. I logged out and am trying to post now without being logged into my gmail account. A couple trials later...I've got it! You can just go to the drop-down menu below and comment as "Name/URL." A box will pop up and you can enter your name (you don't need to put anything in the URL box) so we know who is commenting. :)

  3. cute story! Glad you guys get to see eachother!!