Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yay Zoe!

Yes, I know Zoe is only 14 months. But recently, we pulled out the potty chair again. Since Ava was so interested in the potty from right around her first birthday, we thought we might as well bring it out again and let Zoe explore it. Zoe hasn't been quite as interested as Ava was. She likes her potty and has enjoyed it for many activities…sitting on it, standing up, sitting on it, standing up, sitting on it, standing up…you get the point (I wish I had the energy to do squats like that!). Oh, every once in a while she likes to stand in her potty chair too. Believe me, there is no pressure here. We don't force her on the potty, but if she wants to sit on it, we'd be happy to save a diaper! Anyway like I said, so far there hasn't been much interest in using the potty for its intended purpose until yesterday morning. When Zoe woke up in the morning, her diaper was almost completely dry (a rarity), so I figured she must have a full bladder. I sat her on the potty chair and gave her some milk to drink and…psssss. Zoe went pee on the potty! She was very excited to see something in the potty when she stood up (jaw dropping shock!) and even more excited to flush it down the toilet and wave "bye-bye!" Yay Zoe! After she got dressed, she wanted to wash dishes just like her sister!

Ava has been interested in a St. Patrick's Day book that we recently got. It's about 2 kids who build leprechaun traps in hopes to catch a leprechaun and find his hidden treasure. She decided that we too, should try to catch a leprechaun. On Monday, she and Heather decorated a tissue box, then they placed a tissue over the top of it with some shiny pennies to lure him into the trap and a ladder from her Dora Lego set for him to climb up the box. Well, when we woke up in the morning on Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day, the ladder was knocked down, the box was tipped over and the tissue was inside the box. Ava wondered if there was a leprechaun in there but was a little nervous to check. She wanted Mommy to pull the tissue out so she could see. We pulled it out, and there was nothing in there! Not even our pennies. Ava figured that a leprechaun must have come during the night, took the pennies, and got out of the trap. Then we saw some little bags filled with green soaps and spa gloves sitting on the table next to the trap. Ava suggested that maybe the leprechaun left presents for her and Zoe since he took the pennies. That sounds pretty probable to me! Maybe next year we'll find a pot of hidden gold! We'll have to be even sneakier so he doesn't get away!

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  1. how creative! I bet it was great to see the look on her face when she woke up!