Monday, July 18, 2011

"this is funner than fun!!!"

Ava learned to ride her bike without training wheels! Not 2 weeks earlier she was begging to have the training wheels put back on...and now--ZOOM! When we first started teaching her, we had no clue what we were doing. My back hurt from bending over holding onto her seat and running along with her, she was afraid of falling and getting frustrated, so I googled it. The best article I found on teaching kids how to ride a bike was from REI here. We took the pedals off her bike and had her "scoot" to learn how to balance which was helping. Then we took her to an empty school parking lot with a slight slope, set some crackers out on the pavement for her to aim for and gave her a powerful push. She nailed it. Even started turning. We went home, put her pedals on and this is what happened:

In between giggles and squeals she said, "This is funner than fun!!!"

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