Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We were planning to spend last weekend in Rapid City, SD, meeting Grampa Jeff & Grama Donna, but since Grampa got called to work in Minot because of the flooding, we decided to postpone the Rapid City trip. Since the girls already knew we were going to go to a hotel (the first thing Ava said every morning when she woke up at the crack of dawn..."only eleven more days until we get to go to the hotel!!!!"), we decided to spend the weekend in a hotel a little closer to home. We drove out to the Mountains and stayed in Missoula. I really like Missoula. Way hipper than Great Falls...if you find yourself in MT, go to Missoula! They have lots of great restaurants, downtown is filled with lots of little shops (didn't go shopping this time, but they just looked cool from the outside) (: We spent a lot of time at the hotel waterpark, eating out (cheesy fries 3 times...yum), and Jamie got a couple rounds of disc in. We stopped at Big Sky brewery and the Carousel for Missoula and awesome wooden park. We also checked out my recent obsession: Airstream Trailers. There was an RV dealership there that had a whole line of them, but apparently all but one were spoken for, so we only got to walk through that one. Still, I fell more in love. Jamie was really diggin' it, checking everything out, then he got the sticker shock and said "Get out. GET. OUT." LOL! Yes, they have a hefty price brand new, but they are so cool! I've seen some awesome vintage renovations too. They are built to last...nearly 70% of all Airstream trailers ever produced are still on the road! Retro/Classic/Modern...Where else can you get all that? No cheesy RV upholstery, no impractical carpeting, just nice sleek aluminum, spacious, light, airy, lots of windows, cool features...oh, yeah...back to Missoula (:

Ava in the pool:

Jamie & Zoe splashing off the slide:

Ava went down the water slides a zillion times, but I'm pretty sure Jamie went down more than her...not sure who had more fun...

Ava on the carousel:

Zoe on the carousel:

We all had to hop on the wooden trout:

P.S. I've already started saving...I WILL get me one of them Airstreams! Vintage or slightly used, not sure yet, but I will get one!

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