Monday, July 18, 2011

kick it!

Ava is playing soccer this summer. Heather was out to visit in mid-June and got some great pics of her first game. If you've never seen 5-year-olds play soccer, I highly recommend it...It's pretty entertaining to watch! Some kids stand there, hands in pockets, others are doing cartwheels and handstands (yes, that would be Ava), and then its monkey-see, monkey-do and you've got six kids doing cartwheels on the field :) At this age they just play 3 on 3, no goalie, coach on field, but Ava has already clearly shown what her position on the team is: DEFENSE. She is not the assertive forward who charges after the ball, but she is there to block and defend her team's goal. Definitely not a trait she acquired from her dad. LOL!





(this is my favorite action shot...notice how she is kicking, but the ball is behind her...
5-year-olds, I'm tellin' you...hilarious!)


thanks Heather!
miss you!

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