Sunday, August 15, 2010

the move

The girls were AWESOME on the road, our best 14-hour+ ride ever! (Two times, at that!)

While in St Cloud, along with visiting family & friends, we had to stop at a few of our favorite places that we (mainly I) miss (caribou, chipotle, a REAL target...the one in great falls is like a 1/3 the size and so out-dated I thought I had stepped in a time machine....anyone remember when the makeup was in the jewelry department? there was only one food aisle? no pharmacy? food avenue had neon lights?...yeah that's what its still like in montana. LOL! I miss our target, especially now that the st cloud ones have full grocery in them!) ANYWAY, we stopped at Val's and ate lunch at munsinger gardens, a little chipmunk...not shy at all...kept pouncing around us hoping for some fries too. When Zoe saw the river, she got all excited and said, "Oh, the river! My daddy loves to fish on that river!" Boy is she right; that's one biggie that daddy misses!

A big thanks to my parents' friends Brett & Brenda for letting us borrow their trailer. This thing is huge. And yes, we filled it. A big thanks to my dad for pulling it out to Montana. You're the best!



...and full.

At Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND.
We saw one lone buffalo way, way down there.

The living room mess

...and the girls room. really.

the fun part was going back to the hotel and going for a swim with Grampa!

While Ben was here we played some mini golf,
only a few blocks from our house, nice!
(and he played lots of disc golf with Jamie)

It was a very hot day when we played mini golf, and Ava's thought was that it just had to be an ice cream day. I couldn't argue with that.

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