Monday, August 23, 2010

alive at 5

Every Thursday all summer, different locations around the city of Great Falls host Alive at 5, which is basically a block party with a band, food vendors, and beer stand. Oh, and the bouncer for the kids. :) We've gone to it a few times this summer, most recently when Heather, Liz, and Ben were visiting. It happened to rain just as we were getting there, so we hung out under the store eaves along with the other alive-at-5ers with our beverages until the rain cleared. That's when dancin' in the street began! Ava and Zoe (and Daddy for a little bit) danced like rock stars! Ava even got into a little break-dancing toward the end, I don't know how I missed that video-opp, but the one I do have is pretty cute too. :)

an older guy walked up to Ava and told her,
"Darlin' you have the best lookin' boots in town!"

Zoe jumped in this puddle and ran through it so many times that by the time we left, her skirt weighed more than she did.

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