Sunday, August 22, 2010

happy birthday ava!

Ava was stoked to have an "all about Ava" day for her birthday

The Polly Pocket camper that Zoe gave her was a big hit!

we had some fun at the Farmer's market


a mini cake with 10 ring-bearing cupcakes...a girl with 10 fingers...coincidence? I think not!

gotta love the frosting on the face!

we went to the Montana state fair that evening, Ava couldn't get enough out of feeding the goats, she even started scrounging some food up off the ground that they missed!

she played a game and picked Wonder Woman for her prize

Zoe picked a ducky for her prize,
which she named...Ducky :)

Wow! Did she LOVE the rides! She was squealing with delight the ENTIRE time!

And she was more than bummed when it was nearing 10pm and we were out of tickets! What a fun way to spend a birthday!

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