Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we love the water!!!

We spend a lot of time in the pool here at the hotel and also at the natatorium where the girls take swimming lessons. We've always joked that Ava may really be a mermaid because she loves the water so much, and now she's taken it to a whole new level. After just 2 swimming lessons, she is not only jumping in the water with no hesitation, but she is swimming! She can doggy paddle across the length of the pool! These videos are from a couple weeks ago, now she's doing these jumps without her floaties on and also doing a great back float and getting pretty good with a back stroke too! Her new favorite thing to practice is trying for a handstand. One day at the pool when we were here for a visit in May, she was being a ballerina in the pool and I told her about synchronized swimming. A little confused, I looked it up on youtube so she could see what I was talking about. Ever since she saw it she is dead set that she is going to be a synchronized swimmer and talks about it often. BTW, if you're ever interested in seeing a really cool synchro swim video to the song Stairway to Heaven, check this out: here. I think the comment posted on the video says it all..."The only way this could possibly be cooler is if one of them was playing guitar while riding a dolphin." LOL! :)

Anyway, I have lots of short videos to share. Some of Zoe too. She love-love-LOVES the water too. She can twirl around and around (with floaties on) but wouldn't do it when I had the camera with! I'll have to get that one another time.

The jump


The running leap

The doggy paddle

Zoe swims

The launch

Zoe flies

And finally, with daddy...The cannon ball!

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