Wednesday, July 7, 2010

big sky...big move

Okay...we moved out here a month ago, and I'm just now posting about it! I love not working this summer (my first summer off since I started working when I was 16)! One thing that I really love is taking a siesta with my girls, which is frequently, hence still not getting photos off my camera! It is my goal to take care of my photos this week! I've got some fun videos to share too :)

On June 7th, we packed up my car and Jamie's car and brought everything that would fit in them. I mean EVERYTHING that would fit. Those cars were so packed, we literally could not fit another thing. Just to fill everyone in...the search for a place to live in Great Falls was not easy. A little background...There really aren't many apartments here. The ones that they do have are small and don't have a sign outside with anything like...a phone number. Craigslist and the newspaper didn't have much. I literally drove up and down almost every street in town looking for a place. I was just about to give up when I saw a little red sign in a window of a small brick building. I quick pulled over and read it..for rent! Yay! We checked it out and it looked great. It was available April 1st though, a little sooner than we needed, so when the property manager suggested that we might be interested in the new building being built 2 blocks up the road which would be done in May/June, we thought it would work great! In late April, we found out that it wouldn't be done until August. Uhhh, that might be a problem. Back on the internet looking for more rentals. Jamie checked some out, nothing promising. We decided to stay at the hotel that we had stayed at during our visits in March and May for the summer and just wait it out for August. Don't feel too bad for us...housekeeping, a fitness center, breakfast every morning, appetizers 3 nights a week, a great patio on the river, and need I mention a POOL!?!

This is our & living room



...and the stuff!

the patio area

the full patio area

the water fall and fire pit.

Now for the update: I just talked to Gladys today (the property manager for the apartment we're waiting for). After driving by the apartment and peeking in the windows, it really doesn't look like it'll be done in a month, so I wanted to see what she had to say. She confirmed that it will not be done in August and suggested that maybe we might want to look somewhere else. She couldn't give an estimate of when it will be done either. we're back to square one. I've been on the internet again and we'll see what we can do. I'd really like to have a place before the school year starts because we have to get all of our other stuff out of our house! My brother Justin is renting our house from us, so there is some flexibility, but I'm sure he wants to fully settle in and so do we! For now, we'll just keep enjoying the pool and housekeeping! I'll keep you updated...hopefully with good news :)

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