Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping at Gibson Reservoir

We spent the weekend of the 4th camping near Gibson Reservoir & the Sun River. If you like rustic camping this is the place.

The girls were quick to try out the sleeping bags when we set up the tent.

Not sure if you can see our tent, its nestled in the pines on the far left. We had huge mountains on all sides of us and we could hear the roar from the dam not far away.

The weather was nice at first, but most of the weekend it was pretty cold and windy.

That didn't stop Zoe from resisting (ahem...refusing) to wear pants. Zoe hates pants with a passion. She will only wear skirts and dresses, shorts were a big stretch for her and she had a tantrum about wearing them too. It got so cold, I had to wrestle her down and put pants on her...that lasted all of 2 seconds. She pulled them down around her ankles and screamed, "I DON'T LIKE PANTS!!!!!!" This past winter was not fun dressing her. Ever been to reptile gardens and seen them wrestle alligators?...that's about as close of a comparison I can think of...girl is STRONG! I hope this phase passes before this winter!

Ava surprised us by asking to take the training wheels of of her bike! She's got some of the balancing down, but still working on coordinating balancing with steering and pedaling.

Jamie spent a little time fishing by the dam.

He caught a trout and cooked it over the fire.

All 4 of us...Ava bundled inside daddy's sweatshirt

Zoe wanted her Baby Kooka to snuggle in with her too!

"I want MAKIN'!!!"
aka "bacon" to the rest of us.
Zoe had her heart set on a big plate of bacon,
sorry babe, next time!

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