Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy halloween?

I haven't updated our blog in the past 4 months! I can't use the excuse that I'm still vacuuming pumpkin seeds and NERDS out of the carpet anymore...hmmm, I guess I just got lazy? I caught a little flack when we were home at christmas, and I thought I'd update while I was off on christmas break, but that didn't happen either! Oh, well, here is our halloween:

We had lots of opportunities for dress-up: school party (Ava got year 3 out of the Little Mermaid), Our daycare invited us to a party (Ava was the cheerleader & Zoe was Thumbelina), and Trick-or-Treating Ava was a witch and Zoe was the cheerleader (Total money spent this dollars!...that means we have quite the selection in our dress-up clothes!)

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