Sunday, February 13, 2011

christmas in minnesota

We had a full two-week christmas vacation in Montana, so we drove back to Minnesota on the 18th with good weather and made good time (the way home was another story...interstate closed in ND extended our stay and when it re-opened it was a rough and icy ride taking over 20 hours, but we made it home safe!)

Sue and I made krumkake (pronounced kroom-kaka)

dad and Jamie made rosettes

mom dipped krumkake in chocolate

Ava acted silly

Zoe taste-tested the chocolate :)

Jamie was happy to catch his limit in crappies a couple times and Heather got to go ice fishing for the first time too

The only things on Zoe's list: dresses, skirts, leggins', and feety tights. She's 3. No toys. Just clothes. She got plenty of them too because, she is still in her "I don't like pants!" phase which started over a year ago. Now that she has enough dresses and skirts and leggings, and tights, no more arguing about getting dressed! Now, however, she does like to mix and match her own outfits which means I do have to cringe sometimes at the combinations she chooses, but I'm getting better about that. She definitely has her own ideas about what looks right (a little more extreme than Ava's one pink, one blue flip flop style), I just need to look at it as being creative, right?

here, the girls are sprinkling magic reindeer food, so the reindeer will find grama and grampa's house. (notice Zoe is not wearing pants even as pajamas or outside)

We read a silly book called Aliens Love Panta Claus...The aliens travel with Santa and deliver underpants to kids and put them on the christmas tree. When we woke up christmas morning, guess what was all over our tree? UNDERPANTS!!!!

Ava and Zoe couldn't get enough ERICA time!!!! Boy, do they miss her now! :(

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