Sunday, September 19, 2010

zoe's dresser

This dresser used to belong to my Grama Sally, and probably most of my aunts and uncles...there is one drawer with the name "Susan" engraved in the face of it :) Zoe needed a dresser, so we brought it out to Montana with us and I gave it a face lift. I took the knobs off and sanded it down, then primed and painted it. Too personalize it, I added some pale green stripes to the sides (Zoe likes stripes...maybe she's part zebra? she finds them soothing, and exciting too). I also added some glass knobs to sweeten it up.

I think it turned out pretty good. Ava wants one like it so we're searching for another inexpensive dresser that needs a little love. I've got a bunch of other projects going on too, lots of updating :) I miss having a garage, I can only do these sanding painting projects when the weather cooperates....snow is not helping!

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