Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ava and Zoe started gymnastics last week and they LOVE it! Ava decided she wanted to try gymnastics this year and just do her own dances at home ;) (They both wear about 14 outfits daily on the weekends...leotards, old dance costumes, dress-up clothes, tap shoes, ballet shoes, tutus, you name it!...and then they put on dance shows for us) :)

Ava's getting ready to hop off the beam

Ava's class is first and so Zoe had to wait a whole hour for her turn! She must have asked at least 30 times, "Is it my turn now?" She was SO excited to start! She practiced "balancing" back and forth on that white line over and over until it was her turn. She loves her teacher Miss Cassie and tries to sit right next to her and stand right next to her any chance she gets. It was funny, when they were done with one activity, Miss Cassie said, "okay everyone, follow me" and she turned around and walked backward to make sure all the little ones were following. So, what does Zoe do? She turned around and walked backward too!

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