Monday, October 31, 2011

fun with grama and grampa

Grama Joleen and Grampa John came to visit over MEA break. The girls were excited to get to spend the weekend in a hotel (especially the swimming!).

Jamie and Dad went fishing for the day and caught a bunch of trout while us girls stayed at the hotel and swam. Here they are tying spawn sacks of fish eggs...the magic bait!

On Saturday we went to First People's Buffalo Jump, just south of Great Falls. Years ago, the Natives drove the buffalo here and this is what they saw. Jamie and Dad are standing right at the edge of the cliff, but you really can't see it until you're right there (and neither did the buffalo!)

Here's what it looks like from the side. Zoe and Grampa are standing at the edge of the cliff. As you can see it's quite a drop!

I need to do a better job taking pictures...think I've been getting lazy (all of these are my mom's)...sorry mom, next time I'll make sure I get some of you too!

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