Sunday, September 18, 2011

bozeman & yellowstone

We drove down to Bozeman over Labor Day weekend and went to the Museum of the Rockies which was pretty cool. Lots of dinosaur fossils, a frog exhibit, and the girls' favorite part was the upstairs children's discovery center which is all about exploring Yellowstone.

On Sunday we drove down a little further and spent the day in Yellowstone park. We saw an elk with her 2 calves, a couple wolves, buffalo, eagles, and lots of geysers, bubbly mud, and the likes. Zoe kept saying, "P-U! It stinks like boiling hot eggs! Are they cookin' eggs in there?" (for anyone who hasn't been to Yellowstone, it smells pretty sulfur-y)

They're looking at the bacterial mat around the grand prismatic spring trying to find thermophiles (micro-organisms that thrive in heat)

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