Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bike polo, a big cherry, and mud puddles

Before Memorial weekend, we went to Minneapolis to watch my brother Jer's bike polo tournament. We got there right before lunch and since he said he wouldn't be playing for 30 minutes, we decided to pick up some lunch and bring it to the meet, while we were gone, he texted me that they'd be up sooner than he thought, in 15 minutes, and as it turned out they were up even sooner and we missed it! We got back just as they finished :( It was still cool to watch the other people play. If you've never seen or heard of bike polo (I hadn't until Jer started playing) its pretty cool! Its kinda like street hockey on bikes. Jer sent me a link to a video one of the other minneapolis players made if you want to check it out.

Being that the tournament was across the street from the sculpture garden, we just had to walk over. The highlight was a big mud puddle in front of the cherry. :) I think they ran back and forth at least 50 times. Everything else was cool, but when I asked Ava what her favorite part was "The mud puddle!" was the obvious response. Below are some pics and a video of the fun.

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  1. very cute pics, Janie!! Too bad you missed the polo, but it looks like you guys had fun anyway!