Wednesday, March 31, 2010

montana or bust

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We went to visit Jamie in Montana over Spring Break. We drove through quite a bit of fog as you can see on my mirror (it froze on). His brother Ben came with and helped out with the girls (and had fun fishing too!). The car ride was happy...grouchy...and sleepy. When we finally got to Great Falls, Ava and Zoe were SO HAPPY to see their daddy! The got started with some fun daddy-play as soon as we checked in to the hotel...wrestling, tickling, and zerbits! Zoe got into my lip gloss..."I look pretty mommy?" We checked out the dams on the Missouri River, the one in the picture is Black Eagle Dam. We fed fish at the trout hatchery. When Jamie was working, Ben and I brought the girls to the Children's Museum. We had lots of fun in the pool...proof is in our chlorine-faded swimsuits! I learned how to make spawn sacs and became quite proficient at was kinda fun! Ava, Zoe, and I met Jamie and Ben in the town of Craig (in the Big Belt Mountains) one afternoon. They went fishing and we had a picnic lunch. We stopped up to Holter Lake before heading back to Great Falls.

We're looking forward to seeing daddy again this weekend!

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